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Libraries at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Architecture Library Guide

This guide is designed to provide location-specific information about the branch library in the Greene building, and services pertinent to users in the School of Architecture.

Class Reserves Information for Students

The Architecture Library manages its own course reserves, and materials may be obtained at the Service Desk. Look up materials for a specific course in the Course Reserves interface. More information on Course Reserves.

Class Reserves Information for Faculty

If you would like to provide your students with course reserves material, please review the information on the Rensselaer Libraries' Course Reserves pages,

Obtain the Architecture Course Reserves Set Up form, printed from below, or available from the Service Desk. Bring the form, and any personal materials required to support your course to the Architecture Library Service Desk. The staff will retrieve library books or materials from the stacks, recall items from loan, order items as available, and process them for the Reserves system.

Forms and materials are processed in order of receipt and should be submitted to the Service Desk well before the start of classes to allow time for loan-recall and ordering. Materials received after 4:00 PM Monday - Friday, or any time on a weekend cannot be processed until the next regular business day, and please submit material at least 2 business-days in advance of when it is needed. Increased library workloads at the start of the semester and during finals may cause processing delays.

Personal copies will receive the same handling and security as regular library material. The library cannot guarantee replacement in case of loss or damage.

The library will attempt to rush order books not available in its collection, but the order may take six weeks or longer to be received and cataloged. Send book requests to the staff of the Architecture Library, and they will rush process the orders if possible.

Libraries do not honor interlibrary loan requests for books to be used for course reserves, but journal articles not available in our libraries can be obtained through interlibrary loan.

In accordance with New York State Law, and the Libraries' Privacy Policy, faculty may only examine Course Reserves usage records if the following two conditions are met:

  • Library staff are advised of this need when the Course Reserves Set-Up form is submitted; and
  • All students are notified at the start of classes that faculty review of usage records is a condition of use of these materials.