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Libraries at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Architecture Library Guide

This guide is designed to provide location-specific information about the branch library in the Greene building, and services pertinent to users in the School of Architecture.

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Information regarding resources, services and policies found on the Rensselaer Libraries site apply to all users of the Rensselaer Libraries.

This guide is designed to provide location-specific information about the branch library in the Greene building, and services pertinent to users in the School of Architecture.

Access to the Library

The Architecture Library is open to the general public during regular business hours. However access to the Greene Building is limited to the School of Architecture and other approved community members after 5:00 PM and on weekends. During those hours, the building is accessible only through the Rensselaer ID card access system. Use of services, equipment and materials are welcome provided they meet our conditions of use. Most policies, services, and resources listed on the Rensselaer Libraries' website also apply to users of the Architecture Library. 


Borrowing books

For general information and policies for borrowing books, see the Rensselaer Libraries Borrowing Policies

Some Architecture Library-specific Info and FAQs:

Can I check out journals / GA Document / GA Houses / GA Architect? 

They are for library use only. They cannot be checked out except under unusual circumstances and with the approval of the librarian. There are scanners and a photocopier available. 

What is the In-House Use Policy? 

Journals and books used for research may be set aside on the book-carts or tables for one week. A note with your name and date must accompany the items. After a week, the items will be shelved unless the date is changed.

Can I return Folsom Library books to the Architecture Library, or Architecture books to Folsom? 


How do I return books if the library is closed? 

There is a book drop outside the main entrance to Folsom Library.

I brought my library book to studio to share, and now I can't find it. Am I still responsible for replacing it? 


I checked out a book for a friend and they lost it. Am I still responsible for replacing it? 




4 computer workstations - Log on using your RCS ID and password, or a library staff member can log you on as a guest. Computers have Microsoft Office 2016, Photoshop CS5.1 and Acrobat X Professional.
7 flat-bed scanners
  • 3 large, 12”x17”, scanners
  • 4 smaller, 8 ½”x11” scanners
2 networked printers
  • 1 black & white, letter-size [GR306LW]
  • 1 color, letter and tabloid sizes, plus tabloid-glossy [GR306CL / CB / CBG]

1 networked multifunction printer / copier / scanner

  • color printer [GR306MFP] - device is also a color copier/scanner - print letter and tabloid, or save to flash-drive. (device selects appropriate paper tray so no separate print queues for different paper sizes)


Posting - The foyer of the Architecture Library is used to display student projects, new library books, art, and event posters. Permission must be granted by the library staff before any materials are posted.

Food & Drink - In an effort to preserve and protect our resources, users must not eat in the library. With the exception of the computer/scanner areas, beverages are permitted IF they are in a closed, covered container. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Privacy Policy

Article 45 Section 4509 of New York State's Consolidated Laws for Civil Practice Law and Rules explicitly protects the privacy of individuals by prohibiting libraries from revealing borrower identity to third parties lacking proper jurisdictional authority. This law applies to all library services including Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, and Course Reserves records.

In compliance with New York State law, the Rensselaer Libraries will not reveal user specific information to any third party lacking jurisdictional authority without the prior approval of the library user to release that information.

With respect to Course Reserves, this means that faculty may only examine Course Reserves' usage records if the following two conditions are met:

  • Library staff are advised of this need when the Course Reserves set-up form is submitted; and
  • All students are notified at the start of classes that faculty review of usage records is a condition of use of these materials.

Information Literacy Tools

The Libraries provides access to Research Companion, a self-guided online information literacy tutorial designed to develop the user's knowledge and skills surrounding the research process.