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Good to Know: AVON (Academic Video Online)

AVON (Academic Video Online)

Academic Video Online, or AVON, is a video subscription site that Rensselaer libraries provide for students, faculty, and staff. Educational videos, including documentaries, films, lessons, and demonstrations, cover a wide array of subject topics. Whether you're looking for videos on LGBTQ+ content, current events, interviews, biographies, music, science, lessons, or even debates, AVON has you covered!

New Learning Tool

AVON's new Video Interaction Functionality will connect library content to the classroom, and enhance student engagement for faculty, by offering meaningful ways to leverage streaming video for collaboration, reflection, and assessment. 

For Faculty: This new tool promotes student engagement by allowing professors to embed assessment and pedagogical tools within videos, giving them a better understanding of student comprehension of course concepts.

New features include:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Free response
  • Polling
  • Fill in the blank response
  • Vocabulary matching
  • Discussion questions
  • Collaboration activities
  • Reflective pause

Student results can be reported in the LMS gradebook, and faculty will have access to real-time analytics.

For Libraries: This offers more opportunity for usage and ROI of streaming video through AVON.

This encourages more:

  • Integration of library resources (streaming video) into the curriculum/syllabi
  • Collaboration with faculty to increase the influence library resources have on learning outcomes
  • Increase awareness and use of library provided streaming video resources among faculty and students

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