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Good to Know: CAS SciFinder-n

CAS SciFinder-n

CAS SciFinder-n is the latest scientific information solution from CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. In addition to reference, substance, reaction and supplier content, it includes relevance-ranked results, step-by-step procedures and protocols, citation mapping, biosequence searching, retrosynthetic analysis, patent landscape mapping, touch-screen enabled structure drawing and much more.

New user registration

One-time registration is required by CAS for access to SciFinder-n. 

Register for CAS SciFinder-n:

  • on the Welcome to SciFinder page - click Next
  • review and accept the terms of use in the License Agreement 
  • complete the registration form and create a login and password. 
  • you are required to use your RPI email on the form. 
  • after submitting the form, CAS will send an email to complete the registration process.

Once registered, you will be able to log in using the link for Registered users.

Preview of the License Agreement:

SciFinder is for educational use only. Commercial use of your university account is strictly prohibited.


  • I am a current faculty, staff or officially registered student of the university.
  • I will only use SciFinder for my own academic research.
  • I will not use SciFinder for commercial research or for organizations other than my university.
  • I will not share my unique username or password with others.
  • I will not use an automated script.
  • I will not store more than 5,000 electronic records at any time.

Violation of these terms may result in you losing SciFinder access.


Registered user login

CAS SciFinder-n 

  • CAS SciFinder-n is the updated version of SciFinder.
  • Access to the previous version of SciFinder ceased as of July 1, 2022.
  • Registered SciFinder users can access CAS SciFinder-n with their existing username and password.
  • There is a link on the original SciFinder login page to "Go to SciFinder-n".
  • Please update your web browser bookmarks to CAS SciFinder-n.

About CAS SciFinder-n

SciFinder-n Training 

SciFinder-n FAQ 

Academic Researcher FAQ

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