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Libraries at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Information Literacy Resources

The Rensselaer Libraries provides access to a variety of information literacy related resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Researchers will know how to distinguish between topics they’re curious about and those they merely like
  • Researchers will understand the risks associated with having an extremely strong opinion on a topic
  • Researchers will know how to use questions to generate a specific and focused research topic
  • Researchers will understand that academic research involves learning things they don’t know, not simply proving what they think they do

Video Playlist Includes:

  • Finding a topic you're curious about (2:38)
  • The trouble with strong opinions (1:31)
  • TELL ME MORE: The trouble with strong opinions (0:55)
  • Asking questions (2:42)
  • TELL ME MORE: Asking questions (2:10)
  • Finding a gap in the research (1:48)
  • Narrowing your topic (2:47)
  • Marijuana legalization example (2:21)
  • No easy topics (0:58)