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Libraries at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Information Literacy Self-Guided Tutorial

The Rensselaer Libraries provides access to ProQuest's Research Companion - a self-guided tutorial of the entire research process. Create a free account to earn badges, keep track of your progress, and access pre- and post-video assessment questions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Researchers will recognize the difference between evidence that is merely consistent with a claim and evidence that actively supports it
  • Researchers will learn to avoid confusing evidence with feelings of certainty or anecdotes
  • Researchers will learn what type of evidence experts, statistics, and scientific studies can provide

Video Playlist Includes:

  • What information will prove your claim? (1:09)
  • Confusing "evidence of" with "consistent with" (1:49)
  • Confusing feelings of certainty with evidence (2:35)
  • TELL ME MORE: Confusing feelings of certainty with evidence (2:26)
  • Confusing anecdotes with evidence (2:07)
  • Finding evidence (0:37)
  • Expert testimony as evidence (1:57)
  • TELL ME MORE: Expert testimony as evidence (2:04)
  • Statistics as evidence (2:26)
  • TELL ME MORE: Statistics as evidence (2:39)
  • Scientific studies as evidence (2:43)
  • TELL ME MORE: Scientific studies as evidence (1:05)
  • Matching data to claims (0:47)