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Libraries at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Information Literacy Resources

The Rensselaer Libraries provides access to a variety of information literacy related resources.

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You can find scholarly resources through a number of library tools. The Libraries subscribe to numerous research databases, which are listed here: A-Z Databases. While more discipline-specific suggestions are located on our Subject Guides. For general searching, start with our "Discovery Tool" - appropriately named Quick Search, or through the Libraries' catalog. Watch the playlist below for more information about when to use these different tools.

Learning Objectives:

  • Researchers will know where to find information
  • Researchers will understand the benefits and limitations of searching the open web
  • Researchers will understand the difference between materials accessed via the library catalog and via subscription databases
  • Researchers will understand that different types of resources require different search strategies

Video Playlist Includes:

  • Finding information (0:35)
  • Places you can go (1:41)
  • The open web (3:11)
  • The physical library (2:23)
  • The digital library (2:50)
  • TELL ME MORE: The digital library (1:00)
  • Beyond the internet and library (2:01)
  • Searching the open web (2:02)
  • Searching your library resources (2:28)

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