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Libraries at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Information Literacy Resources

The Rensselaer Libraries provides access to a variety of information literacy related resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Researchers will understand how revising can dramatically improve their research paper
  • Researchers will know how to make global revisions, including looking at their arguments, main ideas, and organization
  • Researchers will learn ways to improve transitions, paragraphs, and sentences
  • Researchers will understand the importance of formatting their paper according to an assigned citation style

Video Playlist Includes:

  • Why revise? (0:48)
  • The hard work of global revision (0:57)
  • Basic ideas (1:38)
  • Organization (0:59)
  • Cutting (0:52)
  • The benefits of local revision (1:03)
  • Paragraphs (1:00)
  • Sentences (1:59)
  • Words and phrases (1:16)
  • TELL ME MORE: Words and phrases (2:00)
  • Formatting (0:49)
  • When are you done? (0:38)